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What makes Kreya the best BloomRPC alternative

BloomRPC was the first gRPC GUI client to emerge. Lacking competition, it quickly gained a lot of adoption. Here is why Kreya is the best BloomRPC alternative and why you should consider switching from BloomRPC to Kreya.

Kreya vs BloomRPC comparison: What are the differences?

Lack of features

BloomRPC is a very basic gRPC GUI client. It supports the different gRPC operation types (unary, client-streaming, server-streaming and duplex), request metadata and gRPC-web. Several key features, such as response metadata or server reflection are not (yet) implemented. Since the last release was over a year ago, it is unclear whether these features will ever be implemented. Meanwhile, Kreya supports all features that BloomRCP implements (and many more) while keeping the simplicity.

REST support

Unlike Kreya, BloomRPC does not support REST. This may prove annoying for projects that use both gRPC and REST (eg. for file uploads), as users would have to switch between two different programs.


Kreya supports several authentication mechanisms such as OAuth2 or Windows authentication. Reusing the same authentication configuration with Kreya is easy, there is no need to duplicate authentication information for different requests. In addition, Kreya also supports client TLS certificates. With BloomRPC, authentication information must be manually provided via gRPC metadata. There is no out of the box support for OAuth2 or other authentication mechanisms.

Data storage and sharing

BloomRPC stores the data in a single JSON file in the appdata directory. This makes it difficult to share BloomRPC "projects" with other users. In contrast, Kreya explicitly stores the data in a format that is easy to sync with for example git. Case in point is that Kreya does not store stringified JSON (which could cause a lot of merge conflicts) and allows users to choose where the data is stored.


BloomRPC is completely free to use. Although Kreya has paid plans, almost all features are also available in the free version. In fact, all features that BloomRPC implements plus many more are usable in Kreya without paying or creating an account.