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Operations correspondend to service methods. You may create multiple operations for one service method. The operations can be organised into folders. Note that this folder structure is stored and read directly from the file system. That is why some characters are forbidden in folder/file names and why the operations are always sorted alphabetically.

In case of bidirectional or client-streaming methods, operations may contain multiple requests. By default, sending (or "invoking") an operation with multiple requests will send them one after another as soon as possible. If this does not suit you, select the 'Send requests one by one' option from the 'Send' button dropdown. With it, you can send the requests manually after invoking the operation.

An operation with multiple requests and responses

The selected 'BidiHello' operation contains multiple requests and responses.

Creating an operation#

Add a new operation by clicking the icon. Choose a descriptive name and select the desired gRPC package, service and method.

Adding a new gRPC operation

Modifying requests#

Request contents can be modified by editing the JSON content directly in the editor. Adding requests is possible with the 'Add request' button. To delete requests, hover over the requests header and click the trash can icon twice.