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Looking back on 2022


What a year! Almost two million operations were invoked with Kreya. To be exact, there were 1,992,648 tracked invoked operation events, of which 15,382 (0.77%) were REST operations. Many more numbers and insights can be found in this article.


Three versions of Kreya were released in 2022. The first release (1.8.0) came on 11 July with REST support and our first paid plan. After a minor bug fix release (1.8.1) in August, another major release (1.9.0) was published on 4 November. This version included many more bug fixes and some features like variable support for scripting and templating and curl import support.

During the year there were many alpha and beta releases. Sometimes there are still bugs in these "unstable" versions or not everything works as it should, but you can help us to detect bugs early. If you also want to use these versions, you can change the release channel to Alpha or Beta in the menu at the Kreya > About window.

All details about the releases can be found on the release notes page (alpha, beta, stable).

Insights and numbers

In total, we reached almost two million invoked operations and over 11,000 new users.

Invoked operations366,769 (+34.65%)*489,098 (+33.35%)*568,940 (+16.32%)*567,841 (-0.19%)*1,992,648 (+315.78%)**
New users2,518 (+21.76%)*2,766 (+9.85%)*3,292 (+19.02%)*2,562 (-22.17%)*11,138 (+147.68%)**

*The percentage numbers refer to the change compared to the previous quarter.

**The percentage of the total numbers refer to the previous year.

Monthly active users

The number of monthly active users has steadily increased, from 1,884 to over 2,800 at the end of the year (before the holiday drop). This is a growth rate of about +50%.

Activity in detail

The following table shows all the data about the users activity.

Peak of daily active user309 (+28.22%)*385 (+24.60%)*503 (+29.31%)*471 (-6.36%)*
Peak of weekly active user882 (+25.64%)*1,104 (+25.17%)*1,339 (+21.29%)*1,313 (-1.94%)*
Peak of monthly active user2,057 (+35.60%)*2,546 (+23.77%)*2,969 (+16.61%)*2,970 (+0.03%)*

*The percentage numbers refer to the change compared to the previous quarter.

OS details

The total number of unique users was 14,340 in 2022. Divided among the three largest operating systems, this results in the following diagram. Slight advantage for macOS (43.8%), with Windows (40.1%) close behind. Linux (16.1%) takes 3rd place.


REST support was introduced on July 11. Since then, 15,382 REST operations have been invoked. Compared to gRPC operations, this is only 0.77% of all operations.


Kreya is steadily growing from quarter to quarter. We are very happy with the current situation and hope that more users will opt for a paid plan to support the development of Kreya. To support us and unlock even more features, a subscription can be purchased.

Finally, we would like to thank all of you for using Kreya and for always providing us with suggestions for improvements via GitHub. Feel free to open a bug report or feature request if you notice something. You can also write to us at [email protected] if you have anything else you would like to tell us.

We have a lot of new features planned for 2023. Stay tuned 🚀